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I have more cool items coming in at end of week too!

Includes a Neat Mechanical Lion Marionette toy - I have never had.. Wiggly Weirdies, Junkyard Target game (not in photo) & Bermuda Triangle Game.

you wouldn't believe how many people I told in December last year - "Sorry, I don't have that in stock..

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Can't wait - it is so much fun having Grandkids - especially at Christmas.

(Don't worry, they don't read Grandma's News page).

Many stories involve a sister breaking her older brothers' favorite toy and wanting to replace it now that they are all grown up.. Did you know that Mel Blanc did the voice for Larry the Lion by Mattel? I am looking for the two little drawers shown below..

and I try to help as much as I can), but I get the greatest stories about these toys and how much they meant to them as kids. Top drawer was the nose area, bottom drawer - the chin area.

How about a cool book SHOWING all the vintage toys they grew up with? I posted the Shipping Cutoff dates from the post office on my How To Order page..