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'Land grabbing' It is a sensitive issue, since by taking long leases on huge amounts of land the foreigners are actually taking control of Ukraine's famously fertile soil.We met people in Ukraine who are unhappy about the situation.

They also consider what scientists and members of the public can do to help avert a crisis.

But now - once again - forces from far beyond these fields are at work.

"The key to the whole thing is, and if you get this right I think then you win, that it has to be better that we are in the community than if we're not, than if we went away," Mr Spinks explains.

But it is difficult territory which brings up big questions, and it is a global trend - Arab countries are buying up huge swathes of Africa, the Chinese are in Cambodia, and so on.

That is just my personal opinion." Global trend Hearts and minds are crucial here and Mr Spinks knows it.