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IRC said in a written response that "5.4 million is our best estimate based on established methodology and conservative assumptions, but the real figure could be as low as 3 million or as high as 7.6 million." Congo has been mired in conflict since Rwanda's 1994 genocide spilled war across the border and ethnic Rwandan Hutu militias sought refuge in Congo.

Four minerals in particular – gold along with tin, tungsten, and tantalum (3Ts) – have fueled and continue to help sustain armed violence in Congo.

These “conflict minerals” end up in consumer products such as cell phones, jewelry, and cars, which means end-user companies can help effect change by conducting supply chain due diligence to assure the minerals in their products benefit legitimate Congolese miners rather than armed groups.

Security Council cited IRC's figures in the process of deciding to raise a peacekeeping force for Congo, which has now grown to over 20,000 troops, the U. "Following the release of the 2000 survey results, total humanitarian aid increased by over 500 percent between 20.

The IRC said in response that it stands by its research, pointing out that it has been transparent about field sampling problems and assumptions about baseline mortality rates.

The Congo conflict has been dubbed the world's deadliest since World War II, causing 5.4 million deaths, in a widely cited study. Problems cited The Human Security Report Project at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada found two major dilemmas with the IRC's 2000-2008 study: "In Congo, people were already dying in higher numbers than in the rest of Africa, even before the war.

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