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At high school, my friends and I would meet guys through MSN Chat or Facebook but now that we're a little older, we prefer taking our dating offline.That said, it’s still pretty common to have a check out on social media your date before you meet in person, or interrogate any mates that know you're date. Kissing on the first date isn’t a big deal in Italy. If it had gone well, I’d probably text the guy thanking him then leave the rest up to him. My dream date would involve an element of surprise.House parties are also pretty good, especially in the winter when it’s too freezing to properly venture out.

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I’ve done the whole dinner date thing a couple of times, but it’s a bigger risk - if you don’t click, you have three awkward courses to get through.

I’m from a small town and it can be difficult to meet people, so apps like Tinder are pretty popular here. I reckon you get more confident texting rather than face to face.

Which got me thinking, if there are all these different viewpoints floating around in one little group, how many must there be across the world?

Just what does the first date look like against another continent’s backdrop?

I would try to limit how much we talk before the actual date as I wouldn’t want to have run out of things to say before we’d even met. Every girl over here will say kissing on the first date is a no no, but when you’re there, saying your goodbyes it can be hard to resist.