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Here is a tutorial that explains how to add comments in Acrobat and/or Reader: Thanks, Lori Hello everyone, when we try to change or add text barcode font ” C39T30” we can not do anything to add or modify, there automatic return of the default font ” Minion Pro” The police ” C39T30Lfz ” works on any other software of our PC. this problem on windows 7 and 8 Acrobat XI Pro thank you When I try to Edit text in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, I get blank spaces, with the exception of numbers, which do show up. I should mention that I had to install a new font-UDLivorno Bold, in order to try to be able to edit the text in this PDF. Hi Keith, Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to reorganize the pieces once you flatten and attempt to edit the PDF.

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and I am trying to edit text (using ‘Edit Text & Images’) in an existing document so that I can insert a registered tradmark symbol (R). When I create a text block, then save it, the next time I open the document it breaks the single text block into several smaller ones. When you activate the editor it looks for nearby text and creates a bounding box.

Click your cursor in the first line and press the space bar.

Thanks, Lori Is there any way I could get a written text instead of this video tutorial?

Thanks, Lori I converted one of my treatment forms into a pdf document file. Thanks, Defensetax Hi Melissa, For future reference if you use the steps mentioned in this tutorial, you’ll be able to edit a PDF file that originated as a scanned image.