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The key project concept was, according to the experience of foreign countries, to research and evaluate (through the use of comparative analysis) the integration possibilities of the scientists from the third countries in Lithuania.Working in Lithuania Conditions of entry and stay of foreign workers A foreigner who intends to work in Lithuania must obtain a work permit.A work permit must be obtained before entering Lithuania.

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An alien’s work permit shall be withdrawn: 1) if the permit has been obtained by fraud; 2) upon the termination of the alien’s contract; 3) in case of termination of employment by the employer in a foreign country, who had sent the alien for temporary employment in the ; 4) the alien’s temporary residence permit is withdrawn.

Family reunification The spouse of a non-EU national (or the person who has concluded partnership agreement with the non-EU national), the unmarried and dependent children of the couple or of one of them (adopted children) below the age of 18 years, may enter into Lithuania for purposes of family reunification with the foreigner who has been lawfully residing in Lithuania for a continuous period of at least 2 years.

Description of the working position which an alien is going to take.

When employer wants to employ an alien on the basis of an individual employment contract there should be submitted: 1. Copy of passport or a corresponding document for going to a foreign country acknowledged in the Republic of Lithuania; 3.

Issue of work permits to foreigners depends on the labour market demand in Lithuania.