Dating laval policemen

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Notice the Olympic Stadium in the background of the pic.

This fantastical movie may take place primarily on a rowboat on the high seas but the beginning and end are filmed on scene in Montreal.

Most of those who were still alive at the end of the jouney were murdered.

In July 1942 some 23,000 Jews were arrested in Paris and in the remainder of the Occupied Zone.

(The clip starts at ) EJmb K0k Cities are razed as Mother Nature unleashes all her force on human civilization as global warming has led to this sudden apex of annihilation in The Day After Tomorrow. The movie gained international attention as it was nominated for Best Foreign-Language Film at the Oscars. The Spike TV “college sitcom” used John Abbott College to stand in as the exterior of an American university in the show, shot in the the Olympic Stadium, and filmed the interior scenes at Mel’s studio. Leo plays the legendary aviator Howard Hughes in The Aviator, which was filmed partly in Montreal and Saint-Hubert, Quebec.