Dating ideas for flatbush yeshivah guys

Editors Note: Warning: if you are highly sensitive and parrot the notion that certain rabbis are beyond reproach or even mere question simply because some people say so, then please do NOT read any further. Such shenanigans lend credence truth to the cynicism about Torah and its scholars being for sale, and only perpetuate a society of followers that live in blissful, willful ignorance.Considering the madness that surrounds us, however, these tactics alone are worthy of only mild scorn and irritation. If you’ve ever troubled yourself to read their advertising, you know that their strongest push to donate is the miracle card.Then again, those advertisements come with disclaimers like “results may vary.” No such disclaimer here.

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We are also supposed to be motivated to give tzedaka nowadays because we need money, a shidduch, or a cure (which is acceptable but certainly not laudatory or ideal).

But here’s the thing: the clear implication is that we are supposed to give tzedaka to THEM, because they have the miracle backing.

All I can say is you are corageous to write such an article. To out and out condemn the work of the gidolei hador is complete and utter chutzpa. If that's the type of ppl you want to associate yourself with, please go ahead. These ppl are dishonest, liars, fakers, frauds and everything in between, as was evident from the Lipa fiasco.

Very well written, this has been an issue that I discuss when I'm with friends and family and this has been bothering me for years. One significant incentive (enticement) that the author [of article] failed to enumerate is; graphically showing the "Grab-Bag" of goodies that is awaiting the [big] donor! His muusic is in part responsible for the decline in warmth to yiddishkeit as well as for the degradation of YIDDISHE music. These great Rabbanim have been m'vater on there kavod because of the great need for Tzedaka. Don't seem like it because if you did you would know that they get very disturbed when they find out that their names have been associated with dishonest conduct.

Like sports drinks showing celebrity athletes drinking the product, Kupat Ha’ir features celebrity rabbis donating money to them.