Dating for geeks pdf

I really wish this book had existed in the late '90s. I often paused to read him funny excerpts as I went through.

So Eric Smith, if you find a way to rip a hole in time and space, please send this book to my 18-year-old self.

Smith provides tips on preparing for the date, how to dress (and smell), and how to know things are getting serious.

The subject of sex is addressed but not dwelt on, but it really felt like the perfect amount of attention to the subject.

The book's description is clearly for the male geek only, and this all to common focus just brought up so many connections to how my geekiness is not relevant simply due to my gender.

If I mention I read comics, the assumption is usually that it's either Wonder Woman or manga love stories.

I don't need dating advice at this point; more like, advice on how to tell my husba The publisher sent me this book by accident--I was supposed to get another title--but it was really a delightful mistake. Even though I'm a geek, I'm not in the target demographic at all.

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