Dating danish women

Danish ambivalence towards the public demonstration of religious belief has been compounded by the negative depiction of Islam in the Danish media and political debate in recent years.

In 2001 the right-wing Danish People's Party became a part of the governing coalition on an anti-immigration platform.

While there are relatively equal numbers of men and women converts, we chose to focus on New Muslim women because of their visibility in society when wearing the headscarf.

We conducted interviews with seven ethnically Danish women who have been Muslims for between six months and twenty-five years and range in age from early twenties to late forties.

To the Danes, religion is a matter of personal belief and should be kept out of the public sphere.

The outward practice of religious rituals is thus viewed as extreme, and even 'un-Danish'.

Abdul Wahid estimates that there is an average of at least one new convert each day in the whole of Denmark.