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The tech industry — both startups and big companies like Google and Yahoo — have struggled with gender inclusion and its overall “brogrammer” culture.Men in tech outnumber women seven to three and make up an overwhelming majority of leadership positions.

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Wolfe named Tinder’s marketing chief Justin Mateen and CEO Sean Rad as leading in “atrocious sexual harassment” and discriminatory behavior that culminated in Wolfe being forced to resign.

According to the lawsuit, Mateen repeatedly called Wolfe a “whore” in front of coworkers and the CEO.

Wolfe also says Rad essentially fired her after she asked if she could quit with severance and vested stock options.

Tinder’s lawsuit is the latest example of the gender-based discrimination women face in the tech industry.

Snap Chat CEO Evan Spiegel was recently outed for sending lascivious emails to his fellow fraternity brothers while attending Stanford University, some of which encouraged others to get girls drunk enough to have sex with them.