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But what happens when your man has all the latest toys, or a tie just won't do on the holidays (no matter how nice)?Or, better yet, what if you're bored with all the usual gifts? We've scouted some great gifts so that when the holidays roll around, you're prepared with something he'll never forget. If he's always glued to the tube, and if his DVR can't keep up with his perpetual appetite for television, Ti Vo's all-new Roamio DVRs might just be his dream machines. Make Christmas morning complete with these stunning crafts.

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All you have to do is outline the stocking shape you want, and carefully cut out the sweater.

Sub the burlap for cotton, if preferred, and jazz them up with even more embellishments for extra-special crafts.

The secrets to the nutty, smooth flavor of Tia Mowry's recipe are slow-cooked garlic confit and already-buttery Yukon gold potatoes.

This refreshing salad can be tossed together in 15 minutes for an easy, last-minute appetizer.

Serve a selection of seasonal fruits, cured meats (like bresaola and prosciutto), and cubes of cheese possessing varying textures, colors and flavors from mild to sharp.