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The sad reality is, most of us would rather feel like a jackass than a dumbass.

So, my advice to the ladies on holiday gift giving to new dudes is this: .

Be Sweet, Not Corny In the early stages of dating, hold off on going overboard and declaring your undying love in a gift.

If you don’t give something and he does, you feel like a jackass.

And if you do give something and he doesn’t, you feel like a dumbass.

"Look for something that fits his interests but is small, not too expensive, and that you know he might not have.

For example if he likes to ride a bicycle but does not have a water bottle on it...a bottle plus a rack to go on the bike." Pay attention to the hints that your significant other leaves you, either consciously or not, about what they wish they had or have been meaning to get for themselves.

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