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Because “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” even the paper’s famously weird matchmaking section is shedding some disinfecting sunlight on one of the bleakest segments of contemporary humanity: the D. Neff’s Twitter profile reveals that, unsurprisingly, that station is Fox, and the show is Tucker Carlson’s.

Last week’s Date Lab entry featured Blake Neff, a “proud Trump voter” and writer at an unnamed cable news station.

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Mackenzie Phillips talks to USA TODAY's Bill Keveney about her new book, ' Hopeful Healing,' working as an alcohol and drug counselor and making a guest appearance on Netflix's reboot of ' One Day at a Time.' star, whose wild upbringing and addiction struggles have been the subject of many headlines over the years, made a big change in her life and is now an alcohol and drug counselor and the author of a new book, (Atria/Beyond Words), on sale Tuesday.

As she entered her 50s, Phillips, 57, decided to go back to school to become a counselor.“I’m passionate about recovery. I love this process of seeing the lights go on, seeing people wake up, seeing people change,” she tells USA TODAY. It’s not as hard as you think.”, a best seller that told Phillips’ story of a “bizarre” childhood as the privileged daughter of rock star John Phillips and a life full of excess, drugs and few rules.

Her clients, depending on their age, often recognize Phillips from, which ran from 1999 to 2001.

“We talk about it and I’m like, ‘That is part of my story, but I’ve dedicated my life and my heart to doing this type of work, so if we can put that aside and connect as Mack and client, let’s see what happens,’ ” she says.

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