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And it comes to an end when Fiona does pretty much kick Lip out of the house, which I think is very astonishing and surprising to Lip. At this point, we don't really know if they'll have the kid. And she kind of passes along compliments from him to me and myself to him through texting and phone conversations.

I didn’t think a Gallagher would ever kick another Gallagher out of the house unless it was Frank. So it was very surprising to read, and I don’t think audiences would expect something like that, either. So we’ve complimented one another through my friend for a while now, and I think it would be very, very cool to meet him.

If I have learned anything, it’s that chronic illness does not make you less deserving of love.

My best friend and I are now engaged and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Last we saw, Lip was planning to drop out of high school, get a real job (he currently sells weed out of an ice-cream truck), and take care of his baby-on-the-way with Karen (the aforementioned sex addict and generally awful person). I’m actually from New York, and I didn’t think I knew that many people in L. So I went out to dinner with, like, five friends — and that was what I thought my birthday night was going to be. Actually, funny enough, Bill’s assistant just sent me an e-mail yesterday saying, “Bill said something about you having a birthday party.

We spoke with White shortly after his surprise birthday party about his character's masochistic tendencies, why that makes him such a heartthrob, and smoking Camel Lights. But then they took me to a bar and a friend who was managing took us to a balcony, and there was everyone I have ever met in Los Angeles. And then I proceeded to get very drunk and act like a Gallagher. We wanted to know when it was so he doesn’t miss it.” I guess Justin [Chatwin, who plays Steve] was supposed to tell Bill about it, and there was some kind of miscommunication.

My initial reaction was to think, “Oh, he doesn’t know.” But this time, I did something I had never been brave enough to do. We started texting back and forth, which led to a coffee date a couple days later. I explained illnesses, side effects, medications, and worse-case scenarios.