Dating a truck driver forums 2016 excel formula not updating

How can a man/woman expect to pursue a relationship if they are alwayson the road?

OTR can be a trifling experience, living on the road, dirty stinky truck stops,sleeping in the Cab of ones truck.

My only hesitation would be if she was a long haul trucker and gone for long periods of time, but that's just me. A man will either want to sleep with a specific woman or not Or A man will either want to get into a relationship with a woman or not, factoring in her specific situation, but ONLY after getting to know her and that ONLY happens after he's made the decision that he wants to sleep with her or would sleep with her.

I certainly wouldn't be intimidated or label her "butch" or anything stereotypical like that.

Far too many females think guys are intimidated by the “independent woman” poppy [email protected] If a man doesn't want to sleep with a specific woman, odds are it's because he thinks she's ugly.