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I could say the same of Mexico, but in Serbia it means ten times more. They serve coffee like a coffee shop does, but people do not go there just to drink coffee. I noticed that women have incredible bodies, and it is not from exercising. Year round, young people start the night at 11 p.m.

They serve alcoholic drinks like a bar does, but drinking is not the function a kafana performs. You can see people sitting in a kafana for hours, more than half a day or all day long. I did not see many advertisements for gyms (none, actually). Restaurants serve the biggest portions in the world and I have eaten in fifty-three countries. Maybe it is because there is no custom of fast food, and no additives are added to the food. In my personal experience, Belgrade is the most alive city in the world. But while dancing, singing and endlessly joking, there is also gloom. There are fears that Sandjak, where many Albanians live, could be the next Kosovo, and Vojvodina, where Hungarian-speaking people live, might want to secede. They just want peace, work, and good social services, none of which they have.

Another interesting feature of Serbian culture is their use of pronouns.

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For a married woman in Serbia, to have a choice, many times is rare and unlikely.

A Serbian medical Doctor earns a salary of one hundred dollars per month, which is the same cost as an Internet account in Serbia.

This feature of the Serbian Women may seem ideal to a Western husband.

It's official: more women are approaching men in the dating stakes and a recent book in Serbia reveals a more liberal attitude.

They do so because they believe that men of western countries are better for the girls in Serbia.

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