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The next one, a 4 line Submariner small crown ref 5508.

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I want to discuss the following important steps: Below you see a original ‘iced” plastic crystal on a early Rolex Explorer that chanced transparency due to the radium dust…

In the modern vintage watch world, which is full of “put together“‚”swapped“‚”cosmetically enhanced” and “photoshopped” online and offline offers, at first we have to determine the meaning of the words: “all original“. Every Rolex reference has it’s own unique Rolex crown, printed or applied on their dial.

The chance from radium to tritium ( with a maximal radiation of the total watch of 0.25Mvsr ) changed the dial description at 6 o’clock from ’Swiss’ to T-Swiss-T and later T-Swiss you can read about the little details that are so important for the originality of a true vintage Rolex. The hands in general have a bigger amount of luminous than the dots on the dial, besides that, the luminous in the hands does not have a surface compared to the dial.

Since some while now we, the inner circle of hardcore vintage Rolex dealers & collectors, have noticed that fake Submariner dials are being sold as genuine. Therefor generally speaking hands tend to change later in color then the dial.

A mayor influence on the originality has been played by the manufacture itself, namely during the servicing the watch. As always, first focus on the luminous on the dial and that on the hands.