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Our largest concentration of US military singles are centered near some of the biggest US military bases including: Fort Hood, TX, Camp Lejeune, NC, Camp Pendleton, CA, Fort Lewis-Mc Cord, WA, Fort Dix-Mc Guire, NJ, Fort Campbell, KY, Norfolk Navy Base, VA, Eglin AFB, FL, Fort Bragg, NC. Our goal with Military Friends Date is to provide a REAL and LEGITMATE place to meet US Military Singles right in your local area.

I felt like I was at my wits end and worried about going into a deployment in this state.

She simply smiled and said, "Let me give you a piece of advice, honey.

We welcome those looking just for service member friendships as well. Why fuss with installing anything on your mobile phone when you can use this mobile friends Military dating site right from your cell phone.

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    Want somebody to take care of them & the continue to hang out with the guys. __________________ [B][COLOR="Red"]"No Copyrighted Material."[/COLOR][/B] [URL=" Green"]CD Home page[/COLOR][/URL], [URL=" (Terms of Service)[/COLOR][/URL], [URL=" Green"]How to Search,[/COLOR][/URL] [URL=" Green"]FAQ's[/COLOR][/URL], [URL=" Green"]Guide[/COLOR][/URL] [URL=" [URL=" [URL=" Dakota[/URL], [URL=" Dakota[/URL], [URL=" and Hunting[/URL] Yeah - a lot of them do; totally freaked me out when I moved here 30 years ago. They want taken care of for one thing, but there are generally speaking more men than women here but many of the women come with families in place, not that that is a BAD thing, but we have a pretty high divorce rate & the teenage preg rate was the highest in the USA for several years straight. Like the old saying about Wyoming goes: "Wyoming: Where men are men, women are few, and the sheep are nervous." In my years in Wyoming, I could see how the saying got started--far more single men than single women. I saw some of the prettiest ladies I've seen anywhere around Wyoming--unfortunately, just about all of 'em were already married.

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    I think she still thinks theres hope i will send some money.

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