Dating a ludwig drum Grandma hookup

Being that both lines were manufactured by the same company, this is not surprising.

The old classic Imperial lug was relegated to lower line drums like the Reliance model snare drum.

I also think that they continued the B/O badge to 81 or 82. I also got a tip from "" pointing to a site "". If I find some clues to deciphering the ludwig serials I'll post them here.

dating a ludwig drum-39

In the 1954 Drum Company and Ludwig & Ludwig was acquired by William F. The Club Date drums had the Streamline snare drum lugs mounted on the center of the drum shell.

Oddly, Ludwig did not offer a metal shell drum until around 1959-60.

Does anyone have any info on how to "read" the ludwig serials on the blue and olive badges?

(70's) I've been looking for this for quite some time, with no result.

These lugs came in a few different colors and contained metal interior parts. The Bake-Lite lug was quite fragile and this experiment did not last long! After the war was over, drum production gradually resumed and the post-war drums were basically the same as the early 1940s products with no major hardware changes.