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In fact, Westheimer was one of the earliest (and most influential) importers to cultivate Japanese manufacturing in the years surrounding 1960.

In fact, these days, where a product is made is almost irrelevant to the consumer. Indeed, from the middle of the 19th Century until the 1960s, inexpensive guitars were the province of American mass manufacturers with names such as Haynes, Lyon & Healy, Regal, Stewart, Oscar Schmidt, Harmony, Stromberg-Voisinet, Kay, Valco, and the United Guitar Company.

We’re in a global economy; Mc Luhan’s global village instantaneously connected with e-mail. How did we arrive at our current state of affairs, and who is responsible?

“How” is a long, interesting discussion that covers most of the last century or two and that we’ll have some other time. While there may have been a handful of intrepid pioneers who began developing international guitar manufacturing, it’s no exaggeration to say that no one has had a bigger impact on the globalization of guitars than Mr.

Jack Westheimer – one of the pioneers of global guitarmaking.

The popularity of Belafonte, coupled, no doubt, with the somewhat related “beatnik” craze (poetry, dark sunglasses, coffee houses, and guitars), caused a surge in demand for bongo drums.