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Since a worldly career wouldn’t be important in this future paradise, it is not uncommon to find young Jehovah’s Witnesses who feel that there is no need to pursue anything but spiritual interests connected with the Watchtower organization.

So, now that your daughter is hooked by her boyfriend’s religion, what can you do? MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DAUGHTER.

Since she is 18 years old, we do not recommend that you try to force her to stop studying with them because she could retaliate by moving out of your home into theirs.

It is not uncommon for Jehovah’s Witness parents to open their home to their son’s girlfriend if she shows a firm interest in their religion and is experiencing strong opposition from her parents.

Let her know that you recognize that she is “of age” to make her own decisions in life and that she is responsible to embrace the life-long consequences of her actions.

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    How personal belief questions would they have to ask to ensure that they could fulfill their commitment or responsibility to the community they serve? The night before last I was very drunk her sister was crying.

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