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The ticking clock of babymania feels more like a bomb when you’re living through it as a Double Whammy.You’ve heard every piece of advice, countless times.

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Although not having a partner features in many of the stories of those of us born in the 1960s (like myself), it doesn’t compare to the frequency with which those born in the 1970s seem to be experiencing it.

The UK Office for National Statistics has a fairly blunt recording tool – live births by the last day of a woman’s 45th year – so it won’t be for another decade that we’ll have the full data.

I'm speaking of Iryna Savytskaya, an accountant from Ukraine who is currently languishing in a Georgian jail in the Caucasus. Savytskaya traveled to Georgia on a business trip and was imprisoned apparently at the behest of the Ukrainian government.

The detention appears to be a carefully pre-arranged operation between the Ukrainian and Georgian officials.

The great thing about being out the other side of my grief and rocking my Plan B is that there’s no hurry anymore.