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I've got a dozen albums ready to go at the moment, but they're not really finished.I've got ideas for multiple albums going at the same time." A recent Jun 2017 interview illustrated further some of the diversity of Anderson's activities and the various ongoing projects.

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He was given the Prog God award at the 2016 Progressive Music Awards.

He has multiple further projects on the go, many involving collaboration over the Internet.

In an early Sep 2016 interview, Anderson said: "I'm just chasing ideas that come my way a dozen or more it's endless.

I just need a few doors open." Anderson said in a Nov 2013 interview, "I think I'm working with about twenty different people at the moment, with twenty different projects." An Oct 2015 interview with Anderson said: I think the days of just going into a studio and making an album are not what I want to do anymore[.] I'm more interested in the adventure of free-form ideas.

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