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1) because of its use during an unfortunate nautical expedition seeking a North passage to China by a captain Willem Barentsz in 1596.

This clock, rediscovered on the Island of Nova Zembla (modern day Russia) and now on display in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, proofs to be of fifteenth century gothic origin, both in style and type of construction, with its retaining buttress like shaped corner posts, peg-alarumdial, balance wheel and count wheel similar to those described in the Almanus Manuscript of 1480 from the Augsburg City Library, very skillfully transcribed by John Leopold. (click to enlarge) Th Barentz clock the aeliest known domestic Dutch clocl.

Strangely enough, in contrast to the English, the general Dutch public is completely unaware of the international scientific significance of this inspiring genius.

In preparing this paper I came across an article at the BBC website in which I may have found a reason for this omission. van der Molen, on loan to the Museum of the Dutch Clock, Zaandam.

Spierdijk in his books on clocks and clockmakers (1962) and watches and watchmakers (1973) as well as Jaap Zeeman having written the first survey of the Dutch stool clock (a popular regional style Dutch domestic wall clock) (1969) and of the Dutch longcase clock (1977), as well as his compilation of exhibition catalogues in 1967, 19.