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It offers an active message board and chat room for rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, incest and molestation survivors.

There are over 31,000 members and about 1,000,000 posts, including recent posts and many useful posts from days and months past.

Even now, sterilization and IUD coils are still far more prevalent methods than condoms.

“Sexual awareness including contraception is slowly rising,” said Wang Xiaoshuang, founder of sex education firm Greenxxoo, pointing to premarital sex which is now broadly accepted.

China’s conservative attitude, ushered in by the Communist Party when it took power in 1949, has slowly been changing -- helped by growing affluence, more overseas travel and exposure to foreign popular culture.

It’s far cry from where China was even two decades ago, when more permanent contraceptive techniques were used once a couple had their first child to avoid further pregnancy.

Zhang and her young contemporaries - though far from uniform in their views - are much more open in their attitudes to sex than their conservative parents and increasingly aware of the need for protection against sexually-transmitted diseases.