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In 2010, Sky Blu created Big Bad University ("the first university for dreamers"), a collective of artists, which is mainly composed of the rapper Shwayze, recording artist/songwriter/Maxim model Chelsea Korka, and producer/singer/songwriter Mark Rosas.

In 2013, Sky released his two first singles: "Pop Bottles" in January with Mark Rosas, and "Salud" in April with his manager Reek Rude, Sensato and the actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Sky Blu is a popular rapper there a lot of fans who wants to know more about him.

He can be followed on his facebook and Twitter accounts in order to get updated with his activities.

A few months later, on July 4, he released his 9-track first album Rebel Music as a free download.

In January 2014, Sky Blu introduced to the world his alter ego The Party President, with his single "Go On Girl".

A friendship which then bloomed into a long term relationship shortly after.

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