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Is it true that masturbation affect the bones, especially Joints, particularly the knee?

During masturbation some muscles of the body are in a state of contraction, most of these muscles are in the pelvic area and lower limbs which are the thighs and legs and this contraction continues along practice period, turns then to shrinkage and sometimes muscle strain of the length of this contraction..

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As the knee is the forum for the beginnings and ends of most of these muscles, this contraction primarily affects the knees that cause pain because of screwing on the shielding around the joint and also on the membrane overlying the same bone, above the knee and below which is called Periosteum is rich in nerves that feel pain easily therefore young man or woman feels after masturbation those pains in the bones and joints, especially the knee and lower limbs, which means that the effect is not direct on bones or joints, but indirect impact by running the muscles and sensory nerves and those muscles’ ligaments, which in turn affect the joint and the bone casing. I would prefer to use logic in these things, In the sense that you should, hold the thing from its source, this source differs from one person to another, therefore, I do not like customization in this matter, but to generalize and leave the customization for the reader, this means source for you, for example, watch pornography, or access to one chat room and dialogue in the Internet about sex, and sometimes this practice occurs online so people encourage each other on it, or access to pornographic sites on the Internet that contain images or even films that cause excitement and exhausted instinctive desire to do the habit.