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Grocery shopping (Po F’s wife speaking here): Aldi is a discount grocery chain in the United States. Vehicles: Po F’s wife drives a modest minivan and he sports an HHR with over 100,000 miles on the odometer: Bicycles: Po F has a load of bicycles in his garage.

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Po F tipped generously on our microbrew expeditions.

I get into arguments with spendy people frequently: The Po F family isn’t deprived in any way. I’ve been following Po F for awhile now and I really like his focus on frugality and shunning lifestyle inflation in a career path that often begs for an outwardly flashy lifestyle.

I do better than most but getting ahead is tough, especially if you prioritize retirement and investing (like I do).

It feels like even though you earn multiple six figs, that you are scraping by.

Yet they are the ones that also complain about having to go to work and whine that they’ll never be able to retire… I loved Po F’s story and following his life advice. Anyone who lives below their means, and brews their own beer, is a winner in my book. And to address the kinda boring part, here’s a few not-so-boring things we’ve done. Beyond maximizing cell phone plans and getting the best insurance rates, right sizing a house is the single biggest catalyst to getting ahead.