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Though chats need to have at least a name behind each message.

For this reason, we'll add a basic - and when I say basic, I really mean it - authentication.

The chat features an sliding-fading transition between the chat list and each conversation card.

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Django, which was primarily a request/response based framework, is doing the switch with Django Channels.

Django channels is a lot more than just support for Web Sockets, it's a complete architectural change for Django and - in my honest opinion - a great move towards the new era of frameworks.

All you have to do is install some libraries and they will make all the hard work for you. This will give the following goodies out of the box: As a first example, let's create a simple Web Socket endpoint that will reply the same message we send to it.

We will need a new Django app - which we'll name "chat" so that we can use it later on.

In order to start your app open the command palette using in your terminal.