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kayu tu memang asli dari pokok situ, ada corak-corak unik. lagi dua ekor penjual ni ikuttt kemana je bontot aku gerak. dia punya tahap paksa tu memang kaw takleh buat apa-apa. dia bunuh kitorang bertiga dalam hutan tu mati tak jumpa mak ayah aku cari. yang sorang ni datang, paksa beli kayu yang dia ukir bentuk harimau. The various forms of Malay are spoken in Brunei, Indonesia (where the national language, Indonesian, is a variety of it), Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and southern Thailand The history shows that the elements of Malays architecture come out and standing strongly on life philosophy which is based on the strength of belief and the religion.

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Malay is a group of languages closely related to each other to the point of mutual intelligibility but that linguists consider to be separate languages.

They are grouped into a group called "Local Malay", part of a larger group called "Malayan" within the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family.

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