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America's favorite young married couple, Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, multi-platinum artists known from their hit MTV series, "Newlyweds," star in their first-ever television special, ...See full summary » A skeptical tough ex-cop is forced to team up with a nerdy scientist and firm believer of the paranormal. A.-based government agency deal with unexplained and paranormal occurrences.

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It's about me going out with my girlfriends and forgetting everything that's around me, which is paparazzi, and just having a fun night.

Because [paparazzi] can ruin a night." Jessica selected the tune as her first single after her mother suggested the roller-skating video concept (see "Jessica Simpson Finally Goes 'Public' With Longoria, Seacrest In Ratner-Directed Video").

HEN THERE ARE FIVE OR SIX PEOPLE CRAMMED into your relatively small hotel room, it's common to pick up your underpants off the floor.

But in the bathroom of this burgundy junior suite in midtown Manhattan, a pair of blue lace panties are crumpled almost under the heel of Jessica Simpson. ""No," answers Lachey, in a typical knee-jerk bit of sarcasm, but just a minute later — whipped mofo that he is — he rises from the couch to retrieve the iron from a closet.

A price tag dangles from the collar."Two hundred and thirty-eight dollars! Then there's the schadenfreude of Simpson's nearly constant gaffes.