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In actuality, he just described pretty much any island, but specifically, the women are headed to St. This just in: Nick is trying to secure himself a job on the St. With Nick returning to the type of living that suits him best — island living, obviously (have you seen his short swim trunks?

) — he’s ready for a great date, starting with a one-on-one with Kristina, who climbs into a sea plane only to have Nick calm her nerves by telling her that it’s “pretty safe.” Wow. Heading to the Annaberg ruins for a day of relaxation, Nick and Kristina talk about her family, during which she struggles to count her siblings.

“In one of the many magical, epic moments in this enchanting book, Chief Seattle is depicted shouting regally from his canoe, “It is I, Seattle!

” And here he is, at last, full of majesty, complexity, wisdom, and charisma.

Chief Seattle was a powerful representative from this very ancient world.