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What makes you care more about what the world thinks that about what that one important person thinks?

But you answer to the world and divulge everyone's secrets. Good relationships need solid commitment to work on things together, not blab about the person's faults to anyone who will listen.

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You INVITE someone to this review site so that you know who he is, he reviews you, and then you proceed to talk MORE shit about him on your website, undermining what is supposed to be his anonymous honest opinion?

I can wait until I find someone who actually tells the truth instead of hiding behind BS dating rules. In the past, I was confused about what love really meant, but now I know. You won’t end up breaking my heart, because I’m only going to give my heart to men who are worth my while. You might upset me, but you’re not going to end up breaking my heart.

It isn’t just about finding someone attractive and wanting to invite them into bed. I’ve been hurt so many times before that I’ve become numb to pain.

Along those lines, as some others here have alluded to, you may have to consider changing your stance about not dating anyone not willing to be blog fodder if you want a committed relationship.