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The Celtics were the first white men to inhabit the area during the 1700’s.

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Others were less enthralled by the characters' habit of twisting every minor thing into a soliloquy on life's mysteries. No other works of man, past or present, can ever top the maudlin madness of .

The show inspired such passionate feelings that it indirectly spawned Television Without Pity (originally called "Dawson's Wrap").

Indians hunted this area for some 12,000 years before the Europeans arrived.

Oakville Indian Mounds Park (hereinafter referred to as the Park) is an educational, archeological, genealogical and sociological legacy to Lawrence County and North Alabama.

Examples of stone construction include not only industrial and commercial buildings (where the material's load-bearing and fire-retardant qualities would have been most appreciated) but also houses, large and small.