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He came across Beautiful People in 2002, when it was just a small Danish dating site. And since beauty is subjective, Beautiful People’s rating system was designed to give power back to singles by letting them define what beauty is in their own way.

“The site fit my mold of being a private members club, and I saw that the dating market was going to become more niche as it went forward — as it did — and Beautiful People certainly appealed to me,” he said. Beautiful People has democratized the online dating process with its one-of-a-kind voting system.

While the site is often called shallow and discriminatory, Greg doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with wanting to be with someone you’re attracted to and actively seeking out that person. No, because it’s very honest.” And while the controversy is prevalent, Greg and the team take it with a grain of salt, especially since they receive positive feedback on a daily basis. Besides getting thousands of emails from people who are grateful for this service, Beautiful People is also responsible for thousands of dates, hookups, and relationships and more than 700 marriages. The fairy tale is always what resonates strongly with me, but whatever the reason is, it’s certainly proved to be a very useful tool.” Beautiful People has done a great job of creating a safe space for people to be upfront about their desire to be with an attractive partner.

“Communities need to be exclusive to serve the greater purpose of the community. “The success stories — that’s the most rewarding aspect of it all for us,” Greg said. And the site’s main focus will always be to continue addressing the perceived “taboo” needs of their audience and offering these singles an alternative to mainstream dating sites.

Whether he’s a few inches shorter or she’s curvier than what you like, it’s hard to form a long-lasting relationship if the initial physical chemistry just isn’t there.