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After a brief break between April & Violet Parts 1 and 2, I found it hard to get into the momentum of making it again and finishing the second half.So, if Photographer Part 3 happens, I think I might just aim to make it one big game released in it’s entirety. Thank you to everyone who voted in the numerous polls last week.I really want to persevere with Leanna at least for a few weeks to see how much I can get done.

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Rather than release it in two sections, I’ve simply uploaded the complete game.

As a result, you’ll find it just listed as ‘April & Violet’ or ‘April & Violet – full version’.

Lot’s of interesting reposes, though I think the results of the second question, ‘What best sums up your view of the bodies? 68% of you said that you would essentially be happy with either body, so adding that together with the other result, it seems a large majority of you will be happy no matter what shape she is.

For the last poll question, most people actually liked the compromise body the most, so that’s largely what I’m going with.

I made a few more alterations to it and now Leanna has a body that I think almost all of you will like, and I will enjoy working with.