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If you’ve always coveted the look of this room and you would love your own blue and white striped dhurrie, there are lots to be found online. They have striped rugs in every color imaginable, not just blue and white. Scroll back up a couple of pics for a bit better view of that wonderful clock. A view of the room during a big storm that takes place during the movie.

Consider doing something like this in the corner of a large room. During The Skirted Roundtable interview, Beth Rubino explains the source of the inspiration for the design of this room.

You could even tuck a beautiful antique or wood card table with a couple of chairs in to the corner for a cozy spot for a board game. It turns out a good friend of hers had a wall like this filled with a dish collection in her dining room.

Of course, we don’t really notice these details while we are watching the movie.

Those only came out later once the home became this HUGE sensation.

A while back, Linda, Megan and Joni of The Skirted Roundtable, interviewed Beth Rubino, the Set Decorator for .