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he had been so much a part of my life and my fantasies.” But then, in discussing her affair with married caterer Claude Phillippe on page 99, she wrote: “Phillippe, older and more experienced than the men I had known, was a great lover, tender and passionate. Perhaps Walters thought she was more discreet, like her words about her affair with Brooke on page 259: “I missed him terribly at first.

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We’re filing this under “the most awkward moment of this week’s Sunday TV.” During her Most Fascinating People of 2014 interview with Chelsea Handler, Barbara Walters first asked inquired about Chelsea’s “promiscuity” and then tried to get her to come out as into women. I would try to make this interview more exciting.” Barbara delves into Chelsea’s sex life at about the mark.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Chelsea said, but Barbara didn’t stop pushing.

Barbara Walters wrote about their humping in her memoir anyway, even though Brooke was at the time still alive, and even though she then went on to excoriate other people (John F.

I grew up sexually.” But she didn’t write that to sell a lot of books, apparently, unlike her guest: WALTERS: Ms. Because as I said, you’re going to sell a lot of books.

Walters’ current estimated net worth is $150 million similar to a Hollywood actor. She has received many awards for her impressive career as well.