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NBC Studios is behind the series which will contain original twists and turns for the current dating/reality genre. In the show, each week the beauty learns about her suitors during group and individual dates, as she determines which one might be her soul mate.

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But, as the she gets to know the average fellas a new group of studs in brought in to change the complexity of the game.

Sometimes you wonder if these reality TV shows are real or not, and set up in anyway.

There were four different versions of the show for each season: Season 1 was just the regular "Average Joe", Season 2 was called "Average Joe: Hawaii", Season 3 was called "Average Joe: Adam Returns", and in Season 4, it was called "Average Joe (4): The Joes Strike Back".

A French adaptation of the show under the title La Belle et ses Princes Presque Charmants (The Beautiful and Almost Charming Princes) aired for three seasons on M6 (later W9) from 2012 until 2014.

Personally it would have been great to see the Joe win, but I knew it was doubtful.