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Elvis asked whose car that was, and I told him it was mine.

Besides, Neal needed time with Elvis to discuss the issue of his record company, and the record company needed a new single for August 1955.

American gamers can become equally emotionally — if not necessarily romantically — attached to their favorite avatars.

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Said Gianopulos, was released all the way back in 2009 (for comparison, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released nine movies since then).

Considering Hollywood's modern business model is dependent on sequels that can be rapidly put together, is really an outlier - though it's understandable why 20th Century Fox is willing to wait for James Cameron to put his vision together.

Not only is it not so uncommon to feel real emotions for a video game character, it may actually be a good thing.

"There is no dating education, and relationships are such a huge part of our lives," says e Flirt Expert's Laurie Davis.

"We have sex education because there are direct implications of doing that wrong, but there are a lot of things that could go wrong with relationships, too.