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(a) A periodic and (b) a random pattern yield wavevectors that are either too discretized or too diffuse to lie between the two circles, in contrast to (c) an optimized quasi-random pattern.(d) A Blu-ray pattern, obtained by thresholding an AFM image of the recording layer of a movie disc (see Supplementary Fig.We modelled the absorption both parallel and perpendicular to the track, as marked by the four lines on the AFM image shown in Supplementary Fig. We calculated the corresponding absorption spectra from 315 to 775 nm both under transverse-electric (Supplementary Fig. 3d) polarizations in reference to the plane of the cross-section.

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This new insight opens up promising areas for repurposing a low-cost consumer product for a high-end, value-added application..

Figure 1 shows the Fourier transforms of subwavelength features arranged in periodic, random, quasi-random and Blu-ray patterns. 1b) patterns yield wavevectors that are either too discretized or too diffuse, respectively. 1c) can be optimized to yield Fourier spectra that are efficient in light trapping, but these patterns are typically prohibitively expensive to manufacture.

When written to the disc, eventually a quasi-random pattern of islands and pits with lengths between 150 and 525 nm are generated (see a representative atomic force microscopy (AFM) image in Supplementary Fig.