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Thematically I like sci-fi, fantasy as well as modern day. Hi everyone, I'm an easy going, single, shy Aussie guy.

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The platform itself is owned by someone else, and that proprietor makes money off ads and transaction cuts.

Twitch and cam sites are only becoming more similar over time. Users buy tokens in advance and can then award them to performers as tips in public chats, or spend them on public or private shows.

By putting an in-house tip system within the reach of a larger number of users, Twitch has laid the groundwork for more streamers -- not just Twitch partners -- to monetise their performance.

Doing so typically requires keeping a regular schedule, building up a distinct persona, and keeping in touch with fans, all of which are old and familiar strategies for being a successful cam performer, too.

Under the new system, viewers buy "Bits" from Twitch, then use them to "Cheer" a streamer.