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' Fifteen minutes later, 'he’s probably returning the favour and...

I have over ninety different pairs and love wearing them everyday for swimming as well as underwear. And so whenever I find the time, I'll visit the local library after work, especially since I've found out that besides books they've actually got a decent CD and DVD collection.

I have always been into them after having been in a surf club as a junior, playing rugby league and wearing speedos and footie shorts as much as I could. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,442 | Tags: gay first time cum speedo speedos lycra fetish | 3 Comments A female medical student and a handsome retired gentleman bond while playing pickleball... And so it was this one time recently when I was there, browsing through a few books, late as usual since I can never seem to get off early... I was slightly chubby, shy, a virgin, and an otherwise completely average boy who listened to pop-punk, got decent grades, and was about to embark on a great and unexpected journey of personal and sexual discovery. Okay, that sounded really overly dramatic, but you get...

“Now why don’t you pull your panties to side so the boys can see that lovely waxed pussy,” she said in a low voice and she slid from the couch down to the floor on her knees. She slowly looked each of the men up and down, imagining their cocks, as she felt...

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    Remarkably, Alexandra can now walk anywhere and touch almost everything freely.

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    I could not have done it without them and am so blessed to have worked with such an amazing group of women! She answered every call, text, and e-mail quickly and with answers to all my questions.

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