(Come to think of it, I had dinner with Tater that night in Missoula.) Where are you staying- in the park?

I really like Yellowstone- I think I drove in/out the places you mention the first time I went there, but I was just rolling through.


So I text him the other day and told him what he did @ our last sons birth broke me and the I need him to say he loves me.

We are planning a trip through Yellowstone Park in early October.

(Plus four nights back country camping, but that's a whole different thing.) The rooms (they call 'em cabins) weren't anything to write home about at either, but quite adequate (at least to our modest needs).

I liked Lake better- main building was older and had more charm, not to mention the view of the lake, which you could see from the front porch- where you were allowed to bring beers from the bar.

Sounds like fun some good pics to look at!

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