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“It’s hard to slow down because everything is moving so fast,” he says.“I have something way bigger going on than all these other people.”But this is no ordinary prospect.

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"That's going to be one of the most challenging things when I move on," he says. Having people who actually care and are not in it for fame, money or just whatever they want."By design, Hunter's catcher, Justin Rorick, is his only close friend. They became friends when they were eight years old on the same baseball team.

During freshman and sophomore years, while Boogie attended Birmingham Community Charter High School in Van Nuys, he caught Hunter's bullpen sessions on the weekends, and they hung out afterward.

Stoll revealed that he and Andrews, whom met through NFL star-turned-Kelly Ripa cohost Michael Strahan, have actually been dating for a while—because they had a lovely time together pre-Valentine's Day!

"We actually went for a nice dinner," the veteran center said.

""No way.""Now," Russell says, "I don't really have to worry about him."The family even has a rule: "If you're going to text-message, everything has to be in full, complete sentences," Russell says.