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Calvin’s academic scholarships range from ,000 to ,000, and all incoming students with a qualifying GPA are eligible.

Their ambiance exudes a company culture that cares as much about providing an authentic experience as serving bold brewery fare and clean, classic craft beer with a modern spin and playful attitude. Brunch composer, Justin “LJ” Back, works to craft the menu into a combination of homestyle familiarity and international enticement.

“We want people to reminisce about something their grandma made for them as a kid or be tempted by something they’re curious about,” says Back.

For generations, we’ve been making Calvin accessible for families just like yours. 85% of 2016 graduates had at least one internship while at Calvin—in hospitals, law firms, publishing houses, laboratories and more.

Through grants, scholarships and loans, 99% of Calvin students receive financial aid. Whatever your area of interest, your professors and the Career Center will connect you to meaningful internship opportunities.

The ambiance is clean, calm, and illuminated by natural light that feels good on the soul.