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These skills are combined with those of professional music event organisers to create a unique team with a broad skills-base, and the capacity to achieve environmental objectives through creating an atmosphere that encourages community involvement and awareness.We offer the opportunity for individuals and organisations to be part of a best practice sustainable event whilst simultaneously being involved in restoring land and supporting the neutralisation of carbon for now and beyond.We specialise in the protection and regeneration of natural areas and believe that the most resilient, diverse and sustainable ecosystems are created by allowing and encouraging the bushland to regenerate naturally.

We have particular expertise and experience in water treatment and utilisation, agronomy, pest management (including weed hygiene accreditations & weed hygiene equipment), environmental rehabilitation and arid agro forestry.

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to our earth’s environmental sustainability by designing and manufacturing innovative products that encourage consumers of all ages to reduce, re-use and recycle organic waste.

Formed in 1986, The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) is the nation's leading organic certifier – focused on providing quality, cost efficient organic certification services.

With operations both in Australia and Overseas, the company provides certification and inspection services, which assist in facilitating market access throughout the world for NASAA certified organic product.

All of our compost bins and worm farms are affordable, fun and simple to use – and naturally, they’re made to last from 100% recycled plastic…because, your earth matters!