Are baya and ryan from the real world still dating twilight cast dating real life

You had the sweetest soul and I will never forget that.I always called you "my sweet angel" and now you truly are.

“You’re back on douchebag status, Chet,” she glowers into the camera. Bear in mind this young stud has never been up close and personal with a cervix, but feels perfectly comfortable with judging just how Katelynn keeps hers from disappearing. Like have a heart-to-heart with Baya in the bathroom, in which she tells her confidante how she never thought she’d even live this long, and even now, sometimes, she wants to give up. He proceeds to go unhinged and completely freaks the fuck out.

While Katelynn comes to the realization we all had from day one, Chet follows up by making sure she knows he thinks it’s wrong to compare her dilating stints to a necessary-to-life medical device, like an insulin shot. But she can’t, because she wants to discover how to be her own, full person. Baya stares blankly and then lets herself be enveloped into a hug.

) and were a labor of love (for fellow enthusiasts like myself).

Some are images from episodes (early seasons didn't have photo shoots), and the majority are professional snapshots featured in the roommates' temporary hometowns (sometimes in front of notable landmarks like Times Square, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House or in the comfort of their swanky interim abodes).

It featured panting models lying half-naked on top of each other. What isn’t normal is when you are repeatedly forced to notice that MTV has taken to letting companies buy airtime for advertisements that are smuttier than the smut on your DVR. Later, Chet tells Katelynn that he would like to dangle her “medical dildos” (a/k/a stints) from a string of dental floss and delicately place it on someone’s lips. Katelynn, unsurprisingly, is none too keen on this notion. If you recall, Lady Mc Boring declined her invitation to join some kind of military-esque dance conservatory because the teachers were mean and didn’t put sparkly smiley face stickers on her broken toes and yelled instead of stroked her hair like she was a baby rabbit. While Ryan listens to her lame justifications for not joining the conservatory – seriously, what the fug does she do all fracking day long? Devyn doesn’t notice this because she’s busy trying to keep her chest from falling out of a horrendous black muumuu covered in mirrored sequins. No mention is made of the fact that he is ON THE REAL WORLD which is an MTV SHOW and Christina knows who he is already. But really the most important, agonizing choice of this all-important audition is WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Mominator, who tells him she’ll be mad at him if he doesn’t wear the bo-tie, Chet makes his choice.