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During this phase, Guild Pts earned in battle will be tallied and a winner will be determined.Tap the Offer Souls button to increase your guild's morale by sacrificing Intrepid Souls.

If you perform an attack and there are no active defenders in the opposing army, you will attack their base instead.

Attacking an enemy base will award you with a large number of guild points.

Once a set number of Souls has been sacrificed, your guild's morale will increase, giving your guild more Action Pts during the next battle. They will also appear in Quests and Training once the Guild Battle Phase begins.

The higher your guild's morale, the more action points you have to use in guild battles.

The FANTASICA Chronicles: Hell of a Time is a guild event where players form guilds and battle against each other for prizes and glory. To participate in the event, you will have two options: ・Find and join a guild that has openings available ・Create your own guild and recruit guildmates You can leave a guild you've joined during the Guild Prep Phase, but you will need to wait some time before you can leave any other guilds you may join in the future.